Solid Fertiliser

Why is our fertiliser better? Dollar for dollar, Fertilizer New Zealand fertiliser produces better results; and we have the proof! Our fertiliser has a leeching capacity of just 0.03% per year. Compare this to the 30% leeching of many other fertiliser products. Our products not only increase production, uniquely they improve the long-term quality of the soil. Our products re-balance the soil. We offer truly sustainable and environmentally healthier fertiliser that improves growth outcomes compared to many standard fertilisers.

The Carbon Test

Reducing airbourne carbon is an international focus. Fertiliser New Zealand is able to assist in reversing that trend by increasing carbon containment in the earth. Our extensive soil testing over many years has confirmed this and the net benefit is that carbon-rich soil can hold more fertiliser in the soil structure. This double benefit helps your production while decreasing carbon emissions.

GibMag for Rapid Plant Uptake an excellent mix of calcium, magnesium, sulphate sulphur and beneficial soil bacteria and fungi at a very affordable price.

GibMag for Rapid Plant Uptake

Phosmag offers the very best combination of VitaLife Magnesium and Vitaphos in one mix.


Vitaphos is a unique mix of RPR, Elemental Suplhur and a blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi to give enhanced soil health and plant performance.


Guano Phosphate
Guano Phosphate Aids and assists in the release of phosphate locked in the soil Suitable for pastures, brassicas, crops and horticulture, minimal leaching

Guano Phosphate

Phosphate 365
Phosphate 365 We distribute throughout New Zealand Better Spreadability Able to be applied 365 days of the year

Phosphate 365

VitaLife Magnesium
VitaLife Magnesium A unique product containing Magnesium & Calcium, Organic Matter and Fungi for Soil, Stock & Crop Health.

VitaLife Magnesium

VitaLife Calcium is a unique product containing Calcium (lime), Organic Matter and Fungi for Plant Growth and Soil Health.

VitaLife Calcium