Welcome to Fertilizer New Zealand

Fertilizer New Zealand Limited is a private company dedicated to providing quality fertiliser, improving soil and animal health in rural New Zealand. Our objective is to deliver top quality innovative products that will stimulate the Rapid Organic Cycle in our soil releasing plant available nutrients.

Our aim is to offer farmers a viable alternative without sacrificing production and for no extra cost.

Profitibility and Cost Savings

Profitability must always be an integral part of farming so it is important that what we apply and how much, is utilized and not “locked up”. That is where we can help.

Backed up with science

We are very fortunate to have the services of a soil and animal health scientist and proven scientific data and trial work to back up our work.

Welcome to Fertilizer New Zealand

Fertilizer New Zealand has a full range of conventional and BioGro certified products. They include; BioGest for septic tanks, RPR fertilisers, VerteSea, VerteBlack, Actavize and SynerLogic fertilisers.

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