Liquid Fertiliser

Supplying quality organic based liquid fertilisers for over 18 years, our range of organic fish fertiliser and blood and bone liquid fertilisers provides a balanced range of clean and safe nutrients.

Protecting your Environment
Our intricate manufacturing process is designed to simulate natures own soil processes. Our products feed and protect the soil, earthworms and soil micro-organisms through a supply of natural enzyme-enriched nutrients. This produces a soil better able to nurture a healthy growing productive plant, without the environmental problems commonly associated with conventional fertilisers.

Improving your Profitability
Benefit from use of a balanced liquid fertiliser, not only through reduced losses from leaching, but from the advantages of denser more nutritious fruit, vegetables and pasture, healthier livestock and plants and increased production.

Achieving Results
Sweeter, more nutritious and longer keeping fruit and vegetables. Healthier, calmer and higher producing livestock. Healthier plants with improved resistance to pests and disease.

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VerteBlack Liquid Humates

VerteBlack provides increased yields of protein and mineral rich crops with excellent taste, colour and keeping qualities.

VerteBlack Liquid Humates

SynerLogic is a balanced range of fertilising elements, natural growth promotants, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

Synerlogic Liquid Fertiliser

Actavize Liquid Fertiliser is a unique fish-based liquid fertiliser for enhanced soil health and plant performance.

Actavize Liquid Fertiliser