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Money is Essential It is all very well for people to talk about farming in terms of lifestyle and it is a fact that farmers […]

April 2017

Like all farmers and farm suppliers I am feeling a lot happier with the projected milk price predictions from Fonterra which are now at $6.50 […]

December 2016

Recently I was walking through the grounds of an agricultural field day. It had been raining and so it was difficult to walk around. But […]

May 2017

There two elements that are vital to all life; calcium and carbon. Both are equally important, so I want to look at both and see […]

March 2017

Maybe we should stop and listen The farming sustainability argument rages on with accusations of dirty streams and rivers from environmental groups including Greenpeace and […]

February 2017

Droughts, Floods, Earthquakes, Governments and Farming I don’t know which one of these is the worst but I know that many of you might be […]

January 2017

Kaikoura As I put this newsletter together I am mindful of the hardship the rural community is under now.  I have spent all my life […]

November 2016

Farming for Profit The more I talk to farmers the more I treasure our efficient and world leading grass fed farming methods. We often have […]

October 2016

Phosphate 365
Looking Towards The Future Sourcing fertiliser sometimes means I am required to visit Europe to look at product and assess its worthiness for our farming […]

September 2016

water quality
Prices and Productivity The low prices continue for dairy, beef is okay and lamb and wool are not that flash. Rather than a little blip, […]

August 2016

A Fair Go for Farmers For years now we have been talking about added value products and capturing the margins up the chain to the […]

July 2016

According to a recent news article staff morale at Invermay has hit rock bottom since the announcement that jobs there would be slashed as people were moved to Lincoln.

June 2016

viewpoint   May 2016 with John Barnes – Managing Director May 2016 Where is the Dialogue? As I travel around the country and as our Reps bring in their […]

May 2016

water quality
Amazing to see a full front page article on the concerns regarding the effects of cadmium in popular fishing magazine Fishing and Outdoors.

April 2016

The growing population of our planet all need to be fed. It is increasingly apparent to me that as the world’s population grows there will also

March 2016

beware cows at large
viewpoint   February 2016 with John Barnes – Managing Director February 2016 February Feast Rain has arrived on a “just in time” basis so far this […]

February 2016

viewpoint   January 2016 with John Barnes – Managing Director January 2016 Welcome to TWENTY sixteen The weather pattern seems to have changed, which is good […]

January 2016

Soil Testing Plant Growth Fertilizer New Zealand
viewpoint   December 2015 with John Barnes – Managing Director December 2015 What stands out for you in 2015? My VEIWPOINT in December 2014 was about […]

December 2015

Actavize Liquid Fish Fertiliser
viewpoint   November 2015 with John Barnes – Managing Director November 2015 Preparing for Summer We enjoy summer weather. Our weather is renowned worldwide as being […]

November 2015

viewpoint   October 2015 with John Barnes – Managing Director October 2015 Although TPP may seem a long way from the farm gate, the realities are […]

October 2015