Our Products

Fertilizer New Zealand Limited is a private company dedicated to providing quality fertiliser, improving soil and animal health in rural New Zealand. Our objective is to deliver top quality innovative products that will stimulate the Rapid Organic Cycle in our soil releasing plant available nutrients.

Our aim is to offer farmers a viable alternative without sacrificing production and for no extra cost.

Home and Garden septic tank compost activator garden fertiliser liquid fertiliser

Home and Garden

Supplying quality organic based liquid fertilisers for over 18 years, our range of organic fish fertiliser and blood and bone liquid fertilisers provides a balanced range of clean and safe nutrients.

Liquid Fertilisers

Dollar for dollar, Fertilizer New Zealand fertiliser produces better results; and we have the proof! Our fertiliser has a leeching capacity of just 0.03% per year. Compare this to the 30% leeching of many other fertiliser products. Our products not only increase production, uniquely they improve the long-term quality of the soil. Our products re-balance the soil. We offer truly sustainable and environmentally healthier fertiliser that improves growth outcomes compared to many standard fertilisers.

Solid Fertilisers