Revive after Drought

Many farmers are experiencing a quite severe dry this summer and are looking forward to the relief of a lovely steady warm rain.

As the Autumn rains approach and life above ground begins to green and show signs of life it is important to understand that life under the top centimeter has never stopped.  While everything above ground may be brown and shriveled, deeper down the wonderful soil biology that creates the critical nitrogen cycle has been continuing regardless.

Even if it is not seen by the farmer or used by the farmer in the dry it is there and becomes evident in all its glory when we get what is commonly known as the Autumn Flush.  The grass literally takes off and we can very quickly build up some winter feed.  This is a result of the plant utilising the stored-up nitrogen and other elements that have been growing in the soil during the dry.

However, the grasses and plants themselves have also taken a hit and been weakened by noonday heat and the lack of water.  Therefore, attention should be given to the plants so that they are quickly brought back to full strength, thus enabling them to take advantage of the available nitrogen and contribute to an even better autumn.

To accomplish fast plant recovery Fertilizer New Zealand has developed a product called VERTESEA.  Customers had been asking for a seaweed-based product that was concentrated but still met the BioGro standard.  Over two years of research went into the product to obtain the correct balance of nutrients and to bring it to market and it has proved to be a great success.  VERTESEA is a plant foliar product and can be used in a variety of situations to boost plant health and quickly start the photosynthesis process.  The Amino acids that it contains are some of the most important supplements for growth and they also stimulate the roots of the plant.  All in all, VERTESEA is an ideal product to apply in that early growth period.