VerteBlack Liquid Humates

VerteBlack Liquid Humates

VerteBlack Liquid Humates

Understanding VerteBlack Liquid Humates

VerteBlack is a liquid humic acid.  Humic acids are energy rich matter that all plants respond to.  They are complex mixtures of materials formed in soils during the decay and transformation of plant microbial remains.  They are renowned for the beneficial role they play in a range of biological matters involved in plant growth.

A healthy productive soil contains billions of micro-organisms which break down minerals, feed on dead plant and animal materials, break down proteins, sugars, fatty substances, starches, cellulose etc, and liberate carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other minerals in a plant available form.

It was Sir Albert Howard in the 1940’s who stated that although science was being subdivided into different categories such as chemical, botanical, physical etc, this could not be applied to agriculture as it was beyond the capacity of the individual plant to sustain its life processes in separate phases.   The plant eats, drinks, breathes, sleeps, digests, grows, sickens, suffers or recovers, and reacts to all its surroundings in the course of twenty-four hours and none of its operations can be carried on apart from all the others.

VerteBlack’s Benefits

  • Increased yields of protein and mineral rich crops with excellent taste, colour and keeping qualities.
  • Increased nutrient uptake by plants.
  • Improved soil moisture retention.
  • Increased brix levels.
  • Retaining nutrients in the soil, thus making more nutrient available to the plant and less available for run off and pollution.
  • Increased soil aeration.
  • Growth and expansion of soil micro-organism populations.
  • Increased cation exchange capability.

Sizes: 200L, 20L, 5L, 1L – We distribute throughout New Zealand

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