Vitaphos is a unique mix of RPR, Elemental Suplhur and a blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi to give enhanced soil health and plant performance.

Vitaphos supplies large amounts of the nutrients; P, S and Ca and millions of live bacteria to stimulate microbial and worm activity in the soil along with the beneficial Fungi, which extend the root mass of plants increasing uptake of things like P, Zinc and water.

Our RPR has a citric solubility of around 45%.  Essentially a supplier of phosphorus, RPR releases both calcium and phosphorus to the soil at a rate determined by the natural activity of worms and microbes.  Containing significant quantities of calcium, RPR also contains trace minerals that enhance life both above and below the ground.

As a result of increased biological activity plants grown are stronger and less prone to attack and damage by flea, weevil, or any other predator.  In the case of clover this means more nitrogen fixed naturally.  Given the extensive trial work conducted by MAF here in New Zealand growers can confidently switch from conventional suppliers of phosphorus to RPR.  Where sulphur is a requirement, elemental sulphur (equally as effective and often more efficient) can be added to ensure maximum dry matter performance.

Vitaphos stimulates the Rapid Organic Cycle in the soil releasing plant available nutrients.  Bacteria alone are credited with releasing 67% of annual plant food in a healthy NZ soil.  Nitrogen, Potash, extra Elemental Sulphur and trace elements can be added to your individual requirements. Every tonne of Vitaphos has approximately ½ tonne of liming value.

Vitaphos Fertiliser fertilizer nz organic liquid humate phosphate calcium nitrogen magnesium microbes

Vitaphos Product Sheet