VitaLife Calcium

VitaLife Calcium

VitaLife Calcium

A unique product containing Calcium (lime), Organic Matter and Fungi for Plant Growth and Soil Health.

VitaLife Calcium increases the development of humus. Humus, the organic ‘glue’ in the soil, results from the breakdown of organic matter by beneficial fungi and bacteria. These, along with earthworms, decompose surface litter providing rapid humus development.

As humus develops in soils there is an increase in the level of plant available nutrients, increased storage capacity for nutrients, greater moisture holding ability and improved drainage.

The organic matter is an important carbon source and provides an initial food source for beneficial microbes. Fungi are added as the majority of agricultural soils are now fungi-deficient which can explain low brix levels, low calcium and phosphate levels in the leaf, limited disease resistance and poor retention of calcium in some soils.

Calcium is the most important soil nutrient as this element governs the uptake of other nutrients, including the oxygen necessary for robust soil health. The addition of fungi assists with the retention and plant availability of Calcium.

Benefits of applying VitaLife Calcium

  • improved microbial activity
  • increased speed of humus build-up
  • greater soil storage capacity for nutrients and moisture
  • stronger more vigorous plant growth
  • improved soil structures

The figures say it all for VitaLife

How does a non-irrigated dairy farm boost per-cow production by 25.8% and total production by 20% despite a dry autumn and earlier-than usual drying-off without increasing herd numbers or extra supplementary feed?

Well, in the case of a “Top of the South” farm, the answer is apparent – VitaLife.

The introduction of VitaLife was the only change to the traditional nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium-sulphur fertiliser programme. It was applied in the March, October and March of the second season under comparison.

During the season 55 tonnes of dry matter was harvested for silage and 1.5 tonnes for hay and 3 ha of green feed supplement was grown.

VitaLife is a biologically active, solid fertiliser designed to increase organic activity, speed up the natural nitrogen cycle, improve soil structures, and make more nutrient plant available.
dairy farm
Observations from soil and herbage tests during the season revealed:

  • Denser swards through greater tillering;
  • A higher percentage of clovers, with strong growth from mid-spring until restricted by moisture in autumn, then further strong growth after autumn rain;
  • A marked increase in root mass of both ryegrass and clover;
  • Improved soil structures with increased granular aggregates;
  • Increased earthworm activity, and colonies of beneficial fungi observed on the roots of the strong-growing and palatable kale crop.


swedeSwede trial conducted at Woodlands near Invercargill during the winter of 2003 and analyzed by an independent Consultant.
Background traditionally sheep pasture but had been more recently leased out for market gardening and had been heavily compacted.

Swede crop was late sown (28.12.02) with a base fertiliser of 500kg/ha Serpentine Super and 2500kg/ha Lime. Half of the crop had a base dressing of VitaLife at a rate of 250kg/ha.

Aim: To ascertain if VitaLife would make any difference in yield.

A random sample was taken and analyzed in August 2003.

Result: Increase of 25.86%.

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