December 2017

Christmas Wishes to our Friends and Clients

We wish you all the best for a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. Farming is not easy and often work just continues but we can all relax just a little bit for a while and leave some chores over for another day.

We are all part of a huge and essential industry that delivers a very high standard of living for the bulk of New Zealanders and this is something we should all be proud of.

I know that many feel a bit knocked around with some unfair criticism being levelled at all of us. None more so than the fertiliser business, but we know that there is a new generation of consumers out there who demand the highest possible standards in food production and preparation without fully understanding the work that goes into delivering excellence. We also know that the clean green brand delivers better dollars and we in New Zealand are the closest to the real deal anywhere in the world so that puts us ahead in this new game.

One only has to stop and take in the scenery anywhere in this lovely country of ours to be awestruck by its beauty. I travel more than most so I can appreciate it more and I feel lucky to call New Zealand home. We are all better for a wee break so I hope that you can pause in your busy lives and smell the roses for a couple of days at Christmas.

My team and I wish you all the very best for Christmas

Kindest Regards
John Barnes

Managing Director, Fertilizer New Zealand.



1 x 1000L Pod of Actavize
1 x 200L Verteblack (humate)
1 x 20L MPower

Price would normally be $5539 + GST.  However this Combo deal will be $4995 + GST.  That’s right.. for these three products all together.  

So the benefit to the farmer is over a $500 saving not to mention all the benefits of using these products together to enhance the soil life further.  The rate I would suggest would typically be 20L of Activize, 8-9L of Humate and 1-2L of M-Power to put the real cream on top of this Combo deal making typically 30L p/ha with a dilution rate of 1:10 for pasture depending on application method.

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