John Barnes

Farmers…the real deal There is a big push to be making meat substitutes particularly in the USA, and from what I read they look and […]

February 2018

Happy New Year We are starting a new year and all the exciting possibilities are before us. Many areas suffering from seriously dry conditions have […]

January 2018

Christmas Wishes to our Friends and Clients We wish you all the best for a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. Farming is not easy and often […]

December 2017

Nitrogen and the sources thereof A lawyer friend of mine asking a question in all innocence said, “If a cow’s urine is so full of […]

November 2017

The election results are in and we have a new Government and by inference a new set of guide lines. I have asked my Political […]

October 2017

Good food comes from healthy balanced soils and our job at Fertilizer New Zealand is to give you good solid advice on how to achieve […]

September 2017

We can do better and save money too Farmers in Europe are required to live with increasingly restrictive tolerances for fertiliser applications. They have new […]

August 2017

Our Time has Come At long last farmers are beginning to see the benefits of looking at different ways of getting essential nutrients to their […]

July 2017

I was encouraged by the attendance at Mystery Creek this year. Farmers have been under financial pressure for far too long. The people who work […]

June 2017

Money is Essential It is all very well for people to talk about farming in terms of lifestyle and it is a fact that farmers […]

April 2017

Like all farmers and farm suppliers I am feeling a lot happier with the projected milk price predictions from Fonterra which are now at $6.50 […]

December 2016

Recently I was walking through the grounds of an agricultural field day. It had been raining and so it was difficult to walk around. But […]

May 2017

There two elements that are vital to all life; calcium and carbon. Both are equally important, so I want to look at both and see […]

March 2017

Maybe we should stop and listen The farming sustainability argument rages on with accusations of dirty streams and rivers from environmental groups including Greenpeace and […]

February 2017

Droughts, Floods, Earthquakes, Governments and Farming I don’t know which one of these is the worst but I know that many of you might be […]

January 2017

Kaikoura As I put this newsletter together I am mindful of the hardship the rural community is under now.  I have spent all my life […]

November 2016

Farming for Profit The more I talk to farmers the more I treasure our efficient and world leading grass fed farming methods. We often have […]

October 2016

Phosphate 365
Looking Towards The Future Sourcing fertiliser sometimes means I am required to visit Europe to look at product and assess its worthiness for our farming […]

September 2016

water quality
Prices and Productivity The low prices continue for dairy, beef is okay and lamb and wool are not that flash. Rather than a little blip, […]

August 2016

A Fair Go for Farmers For years now we have been talking about added value products and capturing the margins up the chain to the […]

July 2016