John Barnes

There has been a lot of discussion and debate around the coronavirus recently. While it is important to have these discussions, it is also important […]

The Choice is Yours

Soil testing is a major part of what we do at Fertilizer New Zealand. Before we can make any sort of sensible recommendations there needs […]

Why we Soil Test

Methane Targets and Diets Much is being made of the recently announced targets for agricultural emissions, with farming leaders saying that they cannot be met […]

May 2019

We all like a Varied Diet We all like a varied diet and this includes animals. Researchers are now finding that plantain in pastures helps […]

April 2019

Soil and Pasture Nitrate after a dry spell Farmers are aware of a flush of grass after a dry spell but reasons for this rapid […]

March 2019

Climate is what we expect – weather is what we get!Whatever your views are on weather and politics, one would have to admit that both […]

February 2019

Sustainability of New Zealand farming   You must know the past to understand the future.   Past history gives the stories of drought, floods, crop […]

January 2019

Soil Fertility Soil fertility is a very important subject and one that is being discussed widely in many circles. I believe it is important that […]

October 2018

Using Combo-N this Spring Spring is well under way and the grass in many areas is growing well, but the focus now will be on […]

September 2018

Farmers Face the Choice Choose to change their farming practices or face the very real prospect that they will have change forced on them.  In […]

August 2018

Loss of Nitrogen The discussion of the loss of nitrogen is not a new topic.  It has been talked about frequently but sadly very little […]

July 2018

More milk with less cows It is interesting that the Government is talking about reducing cow numbers and some in the Dairy Industry are complaining […]

June 2018

There is no doubt that the present Coalition Government is going to pursue its election promise of making our waterways fit to swim in and […]

May 2018

For farmers, having productive cows grazing on an all grass system is the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable way to farm. Farmers in New […]

April 2018

New Zealand farmers still rely on grass feeding for the majority of their production. So it is important that it is grown effectively and with […]

March 2018

Farmers…the real deal There is a big push to be making meat substitutes particularly in the USA, and from what I read they look and […]

February 2018

Happy New Year We are starting a new year and all the exciting possibilities are before us. Many areas suffering from seriously dry conditions have […]

January 2018

Christmas Wishes to our Friends and Clients We wish you all the best for a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. Farming is not easy and often […]

December 2017

Nitrogen and the sources thereof A lawyer friend of mine asking a question in all innocence said, “If a cow’s urine is so full of […]

November 2017

The election results are in and we have a new Government and by inference a new set of guide lines. I have asked my Political […]

October 2017